Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Day in the Sun

Salty, sandy, swimming - so sweet!
Roasted slowly, like a smoked hen for dinner.
Spicy like sesame noodles...
This family of friends.
Love abundant, yet casual and cool...
'Salt Peanuts! Salt Peanuts!'
You sing
We laugh
We are...
Roasting slowly.
Becomg a perfect blend of
Britt's doughnuts, gelato & fudge - lost and found.
Wave after wave, We duck, dive, wait, and finally
Ride the water wall to shore
Breathless and satisfied
Yet, wanting 'just one more'
Prayers to Poseidon,
We got our wish...
All of them really.
Like the fireworks...
Surpassing all expectations-
This 4th of July weekend.