Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Grandmother

I think of you...

When I make soup. When I water the plants. When I clean the tub.

(cheap shampoo works best)

When I see something you made because you took the time to make beautiful things.

When I wrap a gift. When I un-wrap a gift. Because you gave so many.

When I am angry at my husband for being himself. I remember your wise words:

"I love him. Sometimes I just don't like him very much."

When I dance.

You told me to keep going because you did. I remember you doing a time-step for me.

(who knew you could tap?)

Time steps for all of us.

All over us. Relentlessly.

Wrapped up in memory, circuitous and flimsy; the ribbon ties us in knots.

Un-tied by time. A life un-done by the long goodbye of a cruel disease.

Bound together again here. Now. By all of us.

The beautiful things she made.

So lovingly, unsparingly, and with great precision.

Yours is a deliberate soul made colorful by her passion, creativity, and wit.

Perfect slacks, blouses and demi-heels rapping a solid 4/4 march through my childhood.

Unapologetically demanding respect. Decisive and ambitious.

You taught me fierce.

When I am fierce, I am you.

I am fierce.

I am you.

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