Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My personal mission as a dance-maker includes financially supporting my dancers. You see, a dancer is a rare bird of selfless giving that way. Our work tends to reach a tiny audience (a post for another time), therefore the box office proceeds (if any) tend to get swallowed up by the producer, the production costs themselves, and basic overhead costs of the company. The dancers themselves are left with little or no financial reward for their efforts. Many times in my past I've been able to offer artists decent compensation for the extent of their tenure with me, despite the above hurdles.

That all changed when the recession hit. I owe my dancers from last season still. Everyday I wake up thinking about letting down the very people who inspire me to create. Everyday I do something to rectify the situation.

Today, I am asking you to support our current project: THE GIFT

It is one of the best concerts I've had the pleasure of making. It has taken the creative talents of the entire company to bring to fruition. It is good. Very good. It will be excellent by opening night. I feel it in my bones.

Please, visit our indiegogo campaign and support these dancers. A little goes a long way, and it means so very much.
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Tiny Walls

Tiny Walls of stone
Invasive plants out
Stepping-stones in

Building a path
One river rock
at a time

Sunburnt back
scraping trowel

tap, tap of a stone
being placed

Tiny walls of stone
Building a path

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