Friday, September 2, 2011

Me Time

a.k. (theoldspiceman) is out. I have me time. ME TIME. So far this night has included a dinner I made, a rare treat I'll not name here, wine, and a bubble bath. Once upon a long time ago, I would have taken this night to be OUT. And I mean OUT. Dancing with friends, making new ones, and just getting lost on the floor.

Now? Well... I was thinking about that very thing. When did I stop wanting to break the floor? Maybe I'll return to it; but, at this moment, it sounds, well... silly.

It's not silly at all! It used to be a primal need.

I needed to get lost in the beat and dance until my blisters popped and I couldn't feel my pinky toes.

Something tells me it's time to re-visit the old stomping grounds in a new way. Earlier, with a babysitter, and wearing practical shoes.

OH, HELL NO! (To the shoes part. Breaking the floor involves an old saying, "Beauty knows no pain.")

And, let's face it ladies: we look better in heels.

I suppose it's time to plan an outing. Who's in?!

And, just to complete the loop, the contentment in having the "me time" to think about and write this little note is beyond compare.

My shoulders just dropped an inch.

Thanks a.k. :)

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